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Privacy Laws Australia

New Credit Laws ruining struggeling Australians

Changes to the Privacy Act in Australia are rolling out at the beginning of March 2014. The new Repayment History Information (RHI) that will be available to credit providers will make it essentially harder for the less fortunate in our society to attain credit and loan facilities as credit providers will have access to information about repayment histories about individuals. So even if you pay all your bills, but just slightly late, this can have a negative impact on your credit worthiness. Likely to lead to disadvantages and discrimination in fees and percentages rates for people living at the limits of their means – the laws have passed without much disturbance or public awareness. With unemployment ever so high and recent company shut downs this will have a real impact on people taking the risks of switching jobs or starting their own business and short term liquidity issues and will have a real impact now. So if you usually pay bills late or wait for the reminder notice it is worth your while reading up about how to avoid your credit rating from being slaughtered by these new laws. Read the publication and fact sheet here at

Lust Have It – Your monthly beauty box

With tons of new products released on the market each day it is sometimes hard to choose which ones will work best for you. Simply let “Lust Have It” try out various products and send you samples of the best ones from the best brands. A must try service for the Diva in you.

Lust Have It
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Products from Aveda, L'oreal, Revlon and more
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Cyndi O’Meara, founder of Changing Habits is a passionate, determined and knowledgeable speaker on health issues. She uses her education, website and experience to help others improve their quality of life so that they too can enjoy greater health and longer lives.

The Changing Habits online store contains health food products that are often hard to find, let alone purchase. Many of which are exclusive to Changing Habits. Products include Books, CDs, Rapadura Sugar, Inca Inchi, Probiotics, Seaweed Salt and Reports. – it is all about posture.

We have all been to the OH&S meetings during orientation and thought to ourselves: “If posture is so important, than why don’t we have more ergonomic chairs?”

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Well wait no more. Sit back and relax has everything you need to not only improve your posture but also comfort from 9-5.

Their SitFit program is a must try to find the right seat for your body type.

iPrimus Unlimited Broadband & Home Phone Bundle + receive a $100 Cash or Gift Card.

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Receive Super Fast ADSL2+ Unlimited Broadband, Line Rental, Unlimited calls to Standard Local, National and Australian Mobiles as well as unlimited calls to landlines in 10 popular countries. All this for only $89.95 per month over 24 months.
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(#) $100 Cash Terms & Conditions: New iPrimus customers only. $100 Cash/Gift Card must be claimed within 60 days of signing up at After claiming online, your first invoice needs to be paid in full by due date to validate bonus offer and a redemption letter will be issued to your registered billing address. Redemption letter must be presented at participating Australia Post outlets within 60 days of receipt. Valid photo ID required to redeem. Valid photo ID types includes: Driver’s Licence, Learner’s Permit, Passport, Proof of Age Card, Keypass and Police ID. Max one bonus per customer.

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QuiBids – the jig is up. Penny Auctions are just a smart scam.

QuiBids - just a scamSo you may have seen the advertisements for these Penny Auctions. There are many more of these replicated but QuiBids is the largest on the market.

The system is simple. You buy around 100 bids for around $100. With these 100 purchased bids you can place bids and with such extend the auction period by 10 seconds. With each bid the price increases by 1 cent. If the period runs out without additional bids you win and you must pay the price of the item.

So a common price for the iPad is around $45. At $1 per bid that is a collective spend of around $4500 for QuiBids for an item worth around $700. Not a bad business but aweful for customers.

With rumours of dummy bids, buttons freezing and various other suspicious activity you are best of staying away from these sites and replicas alike.

Fair Trading Assistant Commissioner Philip Flogel says the offers are in fact non-refundable payments, which are collected even if the customer does not win the auction.

Assistant Commissioner Flogel says most auctions are operated from overseas, which means Australian consumer protections do not apply.

“Once you’re online you’re not protected by Australian consumer law,” he said.

“So if you look to buy a product and it doesn’t work and all the rest of it, none of the protections which we have in Australia – which are very good – are available to you.

“It’s really outside of our jurisdiction, once the trader’s overseas.

So if it sounds too good to be true than it probably is.

Brazil makes moves to leave US controlled Internet

Associated Press September 18, 2013

Brazil plans to divorce itself from the US-centric Internet over Washington’s widespread online spying, a move that many experts fear will be a potentially dangerous first step toward fracturing a global network built with minimal interference by governments.

President Dilma Rousseff ordered a series of measures aimed at greater Brazilian online independence and security following revelations that the U.S. National Security Agency intercepted her communications, hacked into the state-owned Petrobras oil company’s network and spied on Brazilians who entrusted their personal data to U.S. tech companies such as Facebook and Google.

The leader is so angered by the espionage she postponed next month’s scheduled trip to Washington, where she was to be honored with a state dinner.

Internet security and policy experts say the Brazilian government’s reaction to information leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden is understandable, but warn it could set the Internet on a course of Balkanization.

“The global backlash is only beginning and will get far more severe in coming months,” said Sascha Meinrath, director of the Open Technology Institute at the Washington-based New America Foundation think tank. “This notion of national privacy sovereignty is going to be an increasingly salient issue around the globe.”

While Brazil isn’t proposing to bar its citizens from US-based Web services, it wants their data to be stored locally as the nation assumes greater control over Brazilians’ Internet use to protect them from NSA snooping.

The danger of mandating that kind of geographic isolation, Meinrath said, is that it could render inoperable popular software applications and services and endanger the Internet’s open, interconnected structure.

The effort by Latin America’s biggest economy to digitally isolate itself from U.S. spying not only could be costly and difficult, it could encourage repressive governments to seek greater technical control over the Internet to crush free expression at home, experts say.

In December, countries advocating greater “cyber-sovereignty” pushed for such control at an International Telecommunications Union meeting in Dubai, with Western democracies led by the United States and the European Union in opposition.

U.S. digital security expert Bruce Schneier says that while Brazil’s response is a rational reaction to NSA spying, it is likely to embolden “some of the worst countries out there to seek more control over their citizens’ Internet. That’s Russia, China, Iran and Syria.”

Rousseff says she intends to push for international rules on privacy and security in hardware and software during the U.N. General Assembly meeting later this month. Among Snowden revelations: the NSA has created backdoors in software and Web-based services.

Brazil is now pushing more aggressively than any other nation to end U.S. commercial hegemony on the Internet. More than 80 percent of online search, for example, is controlled by U.S.-based companies.

Most of Brazil’s global Internet traffic passes through the United States, so Rousseff’s government plans to lay underwater fiber optic cable directly to Europe and also link to all South American nations to create what it hopes will be a network free of U.S. eavesdropping.

More communications integrity protection is expected when Telebras, the state-run telecom company, works with partners to oversee the launch in 2016 of Brazil’s first communications satellite, for military and public Internet traffic. Brazil’s military currently relies on a satellite run by Embratel, which Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim controls.

Rousseff is urging Brazil’s Congress to compel Facebook, Google and all companies to store data generated by Brazilians on servers physically located inside Brazil in order to shield it from the NSA.

If that happens, and other nations follow suit, Silicon Valley’s bottom line could be hit by lost business and higher operating costs: Brazilians rank No. 3 on Facebook and No. 2 on Twitter and YouTube. An August study by a respected U.S. technology policy nonprofit estimated the fallout from the NSA spying scandal could cost the U.S. cloud computing industry, which stores data remotely to give users easy access from any device, as much as $35 billion by 2016 in lost business.

Brazil also plans to build more Internet exchange points, places where vast amounts of data are relayed, in order to route Brazilians’ traffic away from potential interception.

And its postal service plans by next year to create an encrypted email service that could serve as an alternative to Gmail and Yahoo!, which according to Snowden-leaked documents are among U.S. tech giants that have collaborated closely with the NSA.

“Brazil intends to increase its independent Internet connections with other countries,” Rousseff’s office said in an emailed response to questions from The Associated Press on its plans.

It cited a “common understanding” between Brazil and the European Union on data privacy, and said “negotiations are underway in South America for the deployment of land connections between all nations.” It said Brazil plans to boost investment in home-grown technology and buy only software and hardware that meet government data privacy specifications.

While the plans’ technical details are pending, experts say they will be costly for Brazil and ultimately can be circumvented. Just as people in China and Iran defeat government censors with tools such as “proxy servers,” so could Brazilians bypass their government’s controls.

International spies, not just from the United States, also will adjust, experts said. Laying cable to Europe won’t make Brazil safer, they say. The NSA has reportedly tapped into undersea telecoms cables for decades.

Meinrath and others argue that what’s needed instead are strong international laws that hold nations accountable for guaranteeing online privacy.

“There’s nothing viable that Brazil can really do to protect its citizenry without changing what the U.S. is doing,” he said.

Matthew Green, a Johns Hopkins computer security expert, said Brazil won’t protect itself from intrusion by isolating itself digitally. It will also be discouraging technological innovation, he said, by encouraging the entire nation to use a state-sponsored encrypted email service.

“It’s sort of like a Soviet socialism of computing,” he said, adding that the U.S. “free-for-all model works better.”

Myer – a sinking ship posing as an iceberg?

Myer’s full year net profit has fallen 8.7 per cent to $127.2 million and CEO Bernie Brookes remains at the helm of this sinking ship.

Myer chief executive Bernie Brookes said net profit had been impacted by cost pressures associated with labour and occupancy (utilities, rates and taxes) but still thinks it is reasonable to spend dollars on significant refurbishments on three of its top 20 stores.

“As we move into fiscal year 2015 we expect to benefit from improved operating leverage and stronger fundamentals as a result of the completion of major refurbishments, the online business becoming profitable, and the ongoing optimisation of our store network,” the company said.

Can somebody please explain how completion of major refurbishments leads to stronger fundamentals? And please do not forget that Mr Bernie Brookes is the same gentleman who previously, based on Telstra funded report which used a grossly small sample size, said that online retail had its time in the sun and that bricks and mortar business are set to take the reigns.

Myer is an icon and giant in Australia and a race car of retail industry. It seems however that Bernie Brookes and his leadership team are failing to engage past the first gear. There are hundreds of small retailers doing really exciting stuff on the internet with little to no money and gaining amazing growth rapidly.

What is your excuse Bernie Brookes? Please reach out us if you like to some ideas on how to fire start your business online.


Groupon fires staffer who threatened small business with negative Yelp reviews

Groupon has hit a new low in so many ways. When Groupon employee Andy Johnston tried to negotiate a deal with the owner at Sauce in San Francisco the owner decided to hang up the phone as many of us do when we receive marketing and sales calls. After being hung up on – Andy decided on Gorilla tactics to get his deal. He threatened to get his friends to write negative reviews about the business on Yelp.

See the Facebook conversation here.

Whether it is his skill set that lacks or better judgement or whether Groupon has set greater expectations on their sales staff without training and education on etiquette – it just does not look enough Groupon.

Andy ended getting fired over his methods which reflects the cut throat image of the culture at Groupon.

Can you really continue to trust Groupon as a business owner and appreciate their ethics as a consumer or their personal accountability as a fellow human?

Kogan Telco collapses – Telstra not interested in direct contract

Kogan has announced that their network will discontinue its services within 30 days. Kogan has made extensive pleas to Telstra for a direct agreement but was unsuccessful at negotiating such. The closure of the Kogan Network comes on the back of the collapse of ispONE whose wholesale licenses from the Telstra network were extended to Kogan and Aldi. Unlike Kogan it appears that Aldi was able to negotiate a direct contract with Telstra. Kogan burst onto the scene on the back of its mobile phone sales and incredible value taking on 100,000 clients in a short time leaving many networks furious and fighting to win back clients according to Kogan. The Kogan network has been plagued since early days with their unlimited plans being based on fair play rules which effectively meant limits, leaving many clients scratching their heads and Kogan in continues talks with ispONE and Telstra. Telstra seems determined to keep Kogan out of its network.

Clients have 180 days to transfer their numbers and will be paid out any outstanding pro-rata amounts by Kogan. Providers like Optus are already pouncing on the newly freed clients. – FREE Trial Offer

For just $9.99 a month, you can instantly stream the entire series of
This offer is just to good to be true. Stop watching the things you are served on free to air tv and switch over to content whichever is actually what you are looking for. This service is great for parents who do not want to expose their kids to content on free to air t

Human Hair Extensions Online – Change your look and have fun with it.

Human Hair Extensions Online have the largest range of quality hair extensions in Australia. They not only supply A+ Grade Indian remy human hair extensions to retail clients their items are also stocked in 100′s of hair salons around Australia. They offer good customer service and post orders every business day!
Human Hair Extensions Online on
They offer a wide range of high quality 100% real human hair extensions in various styles and affordable prices. Customers get overnight delivery anywhere in Australia.

Belinda Jane – International and Local Homeware and Collectables

Belinda Jane’s offers an extensive range of gifts, homewares & collectables. From leading international brands to boutique Australian-made local suppliers, at Belinda Jane’s there is something for everyone. They are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service as well as offering a wide range of quality and affordable items. Including China & Glassware, Collectables, Classic Toys, Kitchenware, Baby & Christening Gifts.
Belinda Jane on
With an extensive range of brands on such as Maxwell & Williams, Casa Domani, Krosno & Bodum, they feature brands to suit every room in the house. Coupled with exquisite giftware ranges such as Crabtree & Evelyn, Spode, Portmerion & Noritake.
In stock products are usually shipped within 1 – 2 working days. Great for gifting as they also offer free gift wrapping & gift message service.

Jessica Buurman – Hand selected with love

Founded in Dec 2010, JESSICA BUURMAN offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted runway inspired shoes, bags, clothing and accessories available online. Everything they offer is chosen with love and passion.
Jessica Buurman on
Their goal is to provide our shoppers the most affordable and fashionable styles with the highest of quality along with the most personalised customer experience available online.

They specialize in runway and celebrity style inspired shoes, clothing, bags and accessories. They also provide FREE worldwide shipping which offers customers further savings.

Buy Australian – I am not stupid

The great debate remains not only as the headline of every farmers market but also for the rival retailers and big ticket item sellers like and Harvey Norman. So should you buy Australian and local or should you do what common economic sense would recommend?

Well it is clear who is winning this battle currently with swinging from strength to strength leaving bricks and mortar retailers like Harvey Norman scrambling to remodel their business. To add to the failures of ancient business models foreign retailers are dwarfing local wholesalers on price. American health and supplement retailer for instance sells all products at below local wholesale prices and thereby squeezing out importers and local jobs one could argue. So why is this happening? The argument could be diluted with discussions about critical mass, economies of scale and logistic costs associated with Australia.

Basic economic education states that in an open economy and with Free Trade each country should maximise and solely produce what they are best at and trade such for the best economic outcome. Although this theory is rather idealistic there are truths within. Most countries embrace this basic theory and invest in becoming market leaders in more than just industry via entrepreneurship and innovation.
However, in a two stream economy like Australia which keeps pitching the resources sector and housing as the past, present and future makes it easy to justifies why we are losing 44 small businesses daily. So the obvious enemy is a short-sighted fiscal and trade policy. Australia is disabled to regain a competitive edge or foothold in a global economy that is planning for the future unless our leaders decide to get their heads out the comfort zone and drive entrepreneurship, innovation and rethink their roles in Australia’s future. Otherwise Australia is doomed like Borders Bookstores which effectively failed due to taxation on imported books. Putting up higher walls via taxes and closing our border from open trade got us here so that clearly is not the answer.

With unemployment hitting a 4 year high can we really continue to buy into the propaganda that buying local will change anything?

If you ever wonder why we keep hearing “Buy Local and Australian” from our politicians? It is purely an acknowledgement that somebody messed it up and the we as consumers are expected to pick up the tab for the policy failures by our elected leaders and artificially correct their mistakes.

So when somebody asks you to buy Australian next time – don’t be stupid. Would you pay for the tow truck if I drove your car into the river?

Author: Bhasker Rao
Founder and CEO Rao Companies Pty Ltd
LinkedIn – Click here

Ennia Lingerie – Sensual lingerie redefined.

Ennia on
Ennia is an exclusive and truly stunning collection of high quality sexy European lingerie directly imported from Europe. Top designs which match the leading French and Italian brands but at much lower affordable prices.  Feminine and sensual to wear with something available for all women.  We also offer a great range of Bridal Lingerie, Babydolls and Sleepwear, together with a great selection of Plus Size Lingerie. 100% European materials and crafted to last. on

Earth De Fleur – Unique Homewares.

Earth De Fleur Homewares is a specialty online retailer of home & garden decor.  They offer a unique range of outdoor living decor, recycled & reclaimed furniture, interior & outdoor wall art, garden art & sculptures, inspirational wall signs and decorative homewares & accessories. Established in 2008 they invest alot of time in personally selecting each product by touching & feeling before they are offered for sale.
Earth De Fleur on – Home and Garden

Zanui is Australia’s newest online destination for furniture and homewares. They provide consumers with stylish new products for home, inspiration and ideas for home decoration and unmatched customer service.
Decorating a home should be fun and, at Zanui, they know that the shopping experience should be too! With their seamless and user friendly online shop and world class customer service team, they ensure that the home decorating experience is easy, enjoyable and inspiring.

Like Chocolate for Women…

Like Chocolate for Women is all about spoiling the yourself. Aromatherapy Tools, Audio and Music, Books, Chocolate, eBooks, Essential Oil Synergy Blends, Essential Oils, Gift Certificate, Gift Packs, HCG Oil Free Skincare are just some of the categories to pick from. Check it out if you want to spoil yourself or someone you care for.
Twenty-8 on – home delivered cookware.

KitchenStyle has a stock a huge range of brand name kitchenware and cookware products at competitive pricing.
KitchenStyle on
KitchenStyle stock the highest quality brands and products – be it household names such as Maxwell & Williams dinnerware and cutlery, Bodum glassware and appliances, Scanpan and Swiss Diamond cookware, or boutique offerings perfect for targeting niche audiences such as Be Enlightened Scented Candles, or Laguiole French Cutlery.

Reebonz – Fashion Reinvented

ReebonzIt is not hard to see why we love Reebonz. Free delivery, Layby options and many other benefits make this retailer stand ahead of other online retailers. But above all the variety offered in this store are beautiful and carefully selected. Brands include some of the biggest names like Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Mulberry and Michael Kors. – For everything Dad

It is said that the hardest person to shop for is usually Dad. With this epic dilemma most people turn to gift card and other items that usually end up collecting dust in the basement for years to come. DadShop did some deep digging and came up with a bunch of things that that resolve all hassles around shopping for dad.

DadShop on – Secondhand Books Galore

Books and Bits is a great new website that effectively sells secondhand books at a set rate based on their condition. The best thing is you can score some really good deals on highly valuable books including coffee table books which can often costs over $100 for less than $10. You must check out this site if you love books and reading and the romance in holding a book rather than your cold iPad or Kindle.

All books are secondhand and funds generated on this website go back to Avocare Ltd, which is a charity and hence they get our thumbs up.

CATWALK 88 – Constant Fashion Freshness

CATWALK 88 delivers constant fashion freshness and our staff is hooked to their website. They are constantly changing their content and are adding the funky new styles and design. They provide free shipping on orders over $75 and they exchange and refund policy also seems to be very straight forward with little fuss.
Catwalk 88 on – Coffee makes the world go round on au is your one stop shop for everything coffee.

Espresso Point part of The Blue Pod Coffee Co. is the exclusive Australian importer and authorised distributor of Lavazza Blue and Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules.

We love that they provide delivery for orders over $120 so if you are ordering for the office or home it is just so convenient. – perfect for gifting and special occasions.

eCufflinks brings to Australia, over 2,500 products from the world’s leading designers such as Ravi Ratan, L2 by LOMA, Penny Black Coins, Ox & Bull and more. on

Not only do they stock designs from world renowned designers but also a range of officially licensed or inspired by popular culture and entertainment such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Superhero’s, James Bond and more.

A perfect website to find presents for those people who it is usually very hard to shop for and you can always find something to suit the occasion. – Stay tanned all year around provides the best sunless tanning products to everyone looking for that striking bronze colour we all love. Sunless tanning is the safest way to get that beautiful natural glow of a tan, without the need to spend hours baking in the sun or punishing your skin by sizzling on a sunbed, the safest way to tan is to fake it, not bake it.

At Bronze they sell only the best products from leading brands, St Tropez, Naked Tan, Summer Tan, Eco Tan, Black Magic, Aviva, Fake Bake, Vani-T, TanGo, SunFX and Norvell. on – Where Australia buys costumes

Costumes on, where Australia buys costumes. As Australia’s Largest Costume Shop they stock the biggest range of fancy dress costumes online in Australia!

Everything you need to get ready for your next theme party, event, or day at the cricket. From Book Week to Halloween, CostumeBox has the perfect costume for you: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Batman… all your favourites! Plus theme decades from the Roaring 20s to the Fluro 80s. Wigs, beards, makeup, shoes, and all the bits and pieces you need to put together the ultimate outfit. Plus they have a massive range of Party Supplies and Decor for every occassion.

Cushion ID – 200+ Designers Cushions

Cushion ID specialises in designer cushions! No.1 online cushion store! They have 200+ styles and are constantly designing more and more for you to decorate the way you like. Their cushions are high quality at affordable prices. All are unique, and most are limited editions.

Cushion Id on

Designer cushions let you make a statement or add elegant style to your living spaces. With just a few cushions you can change your look as often as you like without expensive redecorating! Cushion ID makes it easy and affordable to create a look that is as unique as you are! – Indian Fashion Downunder

For a wedding, special event or Bollywood themed party this is your one stop shop. Best of all they provide FREE shipping on orders over $100 and have always got some terrific specials on. The site is fun and often we find ourselves just browsing the pretty clothes and people on their webpage. They have been around for 3 years so they are safe to shop with. on – High fashion at over 80% off. on is an exclusive online shopping experience where members discover the latest designer collections in private flash sales. With major brands and international distributors you get this seasons pieces at a fraction of the cost.
If you are looking for runway worthy style or a wardrobe pick-me-up there are plenty of incentives to join We love them because they have new stuff every other day.

Babi Bello – Rio De Janeiro, NYC and Miami fashion in Australia

Babi Bello in

Born in Brazil, educated in Miami and trained in New York City, Babi Bello launched her own footwear label in Australia 2 years ago. Babi’s namesake brand is distinctively Brazilian in attitude and style.  Her Rio de Janeiro upbringing and design cred from stints at Kenneth Cole and Macy’s in New York has led to the unique “Babi Bello”. Inspiration for the collections come from Babi’s zest for life and her years living in the fashion meccas of Rio, Miami and New York.  Designed in Australia and handcrafted in Brazil using premium South American leathers, Babi Bello is taking Australia by storm – it is the go-to brand for chic, sassy and edgy designs!

Bijoux Collection – Unique exclusive contemporary jewellery

Established in Sydney more than 20 years ago, Bijoux Collection showcases exclusive contemporary jewellery and quality stylish watches for women and men. They have unique collections and classics and on-trend pieces.
You can find their stores in Sydney, Australia at QVB, Chatswood Chase & Sydney Airport T2.
Bijoux Collection on

Vision Direct – Australia largest online designer eyewear store

Vision Direct is Australia’s largest online designer eyewear store offering the best online prices for the worlds top brands like Prada, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Bvlgari, Spy, Gucci and many more.
With unbeatable prices on designer eyewear, prescription lense services on all frames and many sunglasses, and over 100,000 models available, Vision Direct offers Australian consumers an extremely comprehensive and inexpensive alternative for purchasing eyewear online.
Vision Direct on – Custom Mens Fashion on
There are just not enough fashion stores online for men to shop. Especially when it comes to business attire since we all have different sizing. May it be a longer sleeve or a wider chest – the variations are endless.
That is why we love this store. InStitchu is a Sydney based ‘e-tailoring’ company which allows customers to design their own tailor made suits and shirts online. Their suit and shirt builders allow you to see the suit/shirt as you are designing it. Literally every feature of the suit or shirt can be customised and you can see the changes live as you make them (fabrics, collars, cuffs, lapels etc). on – More than a Guitar store

The guys are Artist Guitars are an online music store known for importing quality instruments and accessories. Since 2009, Artist Guitars have been steadily growing to become a well-known and respected brand in Australia thanks to their unbeatable prices, exceptional service and polices such as Free Shipping and Free Returns. They are the number 1 seller of guitars on Ebay. We love their stores not only for the discounts but also for their variety of items. So if you are a Muso you must check it out unless you know this store already.
Artist Guitars on

Facial Company – Leading Skincare and Cosmetics online

Facial Company is Australia’s leading Skincare and Cosmetics online store.
The Facial Company’s online store houses over 50 popular premium brands including Dermalogica, ASAP Skincare, Alpha-H, Clarins, Napoleon Perdis, PRIORI, Elemis to name a few. With over 1700 products to chose from and regularly updated sales and discounts it is definitely worth checking out the site regularly.
Make sure to check out there free samples also.
Facial Company on

The Beer Cellar – all ready for the weekend?

Beer Cellar is Australia’s and NZ ultimate source for imported beer. They currently have 816 different beers in stock, from 229 breweries & 33 countries.

Customers can order our hand picked mixed cases, which offer great value for money and the opportunity to try beers of a certain type, or make your own selection from their range.
Beer Cellar on

To The Max – Stylish boutique on Lygon Street now online

To The Max on
To The Max is one of the longest standing independent fashion boutiques in Australia, its continued success says alot about their passion for style. Their physical store is situated on Lygon Street in the heart of Carlton and prides itself in stocking the best Australian designers and brands with a sprinkling of must have from overseas.

To The Max stocks brands we love , an exceptional list of talent like Alice McCall, Shakuhachi, Maurie and Eve, Stylestalker, Talulah, Joveeba, Bec and Bridge, Shona Joy and too many others to mention.
To The Max on

Travel Factory – Travel Deals around Australia and New Zealand

Travel Factory offers amazing travel package deals all over Australia and New Zealand for the holidays you want, all at unbeatable prices. So if you have a spare week or a few days of annual leave chances there is a bargain for you on this site. So why stay at home and watch TV if you can experience new destinations instead with
Travel Factory on

The Organic Beauty Shop – Nature and Nurture

Most people have the misconception that organic beauty products are for those with sensitive skin. In reality organic and natural products are a better choice for everyone as our skin surface absorbs whatever you apply to it. We love the organic evolution not only for the benefits it has for our skin and bodies but also the environment. Big shout to for this awesome initiative.
The Organic Beauty Shop on – everything kids and toddlers

Bright Bots babies and children’s clothing was proudly established in Australia in 1997.  From humble beginnings making brightly colored cloth nappies, their brand has expanded to include beautiful clothing, bibs, baby linen, towelling, gifts, toilet training pants, shoes, swimwear and more!

Bright Bots on

Bright Bots is an iconic Australian brand, established over 15 years ago and has adapted to the modern time poor parents so they can shop online.

Cartridge Depot – get a huge discount on cartidges

At you can save up to 80% on a huge range of printer cartridges and supplies for all the leading brands.
CartridgeDepot Australia serves thousands of satisfied business and customers annually. They supply genuine and compatible printer cartridges used for Canon®, Epson®, Brother®, Hewlette Packard®, Lexmark®, Samsung®, Panasonic® and Xerox® printers.

We trust them because they are in Australia unlike many of the other cartridge supplier on the web.
Cartridge Depot on

PictureStore – change your home or office space here

Christmas gift ideas, posters from PictureStore on

A picture says a 1000 words and a picture can change the feel and look of your space. May it be your office or home a purchase at can transform your space. PictureStore is Australia’s first and largest online artwork and framing retailer where you will find over 150,000 art and photographic prints and posters. We have Art For Everyone.

Customers can shop from over 900 artist, 300 subjects and 100 artistic styles. Once you have found the perfect artwork you can can choose from thousands of framing combinations and have your framed artwork delivered to your door, hassle free.
Decorating made easy – Love it.

Use code: CFDEL to get FREE Standard Poster Delivery or CF10 to receive $10 off storewide.

AminoZ – Supplements Galore to Bulk up or Slim down

AminoZ is Australia’s largest online natural supplement store website. They sell natural weight loss and natural bodybuilding supplements at highly competitive prices, while providing the very best customer service.

Stocked brands include AST Sports Science, BSN, Controlled Labs, Cytogenix, Dymatize Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition, Labrada Nutrition, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, PrimaForce, Prolab, PVL, RedBak, SAN, Scifit, Scivation, Universal Nutrition, USP Labs, VPX. – Australia’s #1 Sports Deal Site

Sport Grab provides great daily deals for the sporting community, bringing the best discount deals in sport to you – Australia wide. Whether you are a weekend warrior, recreational sports person, elite athlete, parent, or simply a sports fan, Sport Grab is the place to go for the best discount deals in sport.
Sports Grab offer discounts of up to 50-90% off a range of sports equipment, sports clothing, footwear, tickets and more.

The Iconic – Best in class and running hot

The Iconic pioneered the 3 hour delivery option in Sydney. We love because there is always something on sale and the returns and shipping policy make it really safe and give us a piece of mind. They are always adding new stuff and if you need pants to match that top or a skirt to match that blouse you will never be left without option on The Iconic.

LivingSocial Australia – Daily Deals Original.

LivingSocial is one of the originals that shaped the industry and lucky for us they are still around. LivingSocial seems to still firmly believe in the Daily Deal business and good for them we say. We scored tons of deals from them. We like the deals on LivingSocial although there are mixed reviews about their service on the web. Be aware that most negative reviews about the deals are regarding the business that provide the deals or service not actually LivingSocial who usually seem to to do the right thing by their clients with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. – Great offers on great golf courses around Australia

Golf is not just about the sport but also about the setting. Great Rounds has awesome deals on golf courses around Australia. So if you are a novice, amateur or pro with you can experience new golf courses which often otherwise require a membership. A great site for golfers and country club lovers.

Mollini is the edgy, fashion forward Australian Fashion Icon

Mollini is an edgy, fashion forward brand that embraces the need of every girl to dress up and have a bit of fun. Established in 1983, Mollini has a variety of branded Australian stores and is stocked by literally hundreds of retail operations including Myers in every state. As policy, Mollini offers FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS on all items, and has a 95% positive-feedback rating.

We have one coupon for you: ‘10MOLLINI’ for $10 off all orders over $75.

Zoie – a funky online pureplay retailer

Zoie is an online-only premium women’s fashion retailer selling awesome brands like Shakuhachi, Shona Joy, Cameo, Paint It Red and Wildfox. We love this store and actually made a few purchases. The delivery is fast and the items are of great quality, style and design.

We have one coupon for you: ‘LOVEZOIE15 ’ for 15% Off all full priced items.

Ryder is for Premium Boutique Australian Fashion Label

Ryder is a premium boutique Australian fashion label led that has most recently graced the catwalks of Australian fashion week and offers free express national delivery. We love their designs and unique fashion sense. It is super modern and we hope more people check these guys out. Best of all they provide a great FREE Express National Delivery.

‘LOVERYDER’ – 10% OFF all full priced items.

Midas – premium fashion shoes. Free shipping and returns

Midas is a premium womens fashion retailer. Established in 1976, Midas has 21 stores nationally. As policy, Midas offers FREE SHIPPING and FREE RETURNS on all items. Midas is a known retailer and although few stores than previously are around today they free returns and shipping policy it very safe to shop here. And with 98% positive-feedback rate this great retailer can be trusted.

We have one coupon for you: ‘MIDAS10’ for $10 off all orders over $75.

Run Stop Shop – everything fitness delivered in 3 hours

RunStopShop is a pureplay active- and sports-wear ecommerce store for men and women. They have a great, modern website stocking labels like Adidas, Helly Hansen and Running Bare plus a health and nutrition section with offerings from Swisse, Musashi and others. They also stock a range of sports and gym equipment. As policy RunStopShop offers free same-day shipping on all orders and 3-hour delivery for just $5.

15% off Kooga – KOOGA15
15% Off Canterbury – CANTERBURY15
10% off nutrition code – NUTRITION10

Ron Bennet – Style for Big Men

Ron Bennett is an Australian menswear icon having been around 50+ years. Their latest offering Ron Bennett Big Mens Clothing was created to provide a dedicated space for big men to find quality brands (Gant, Hugo Boss) in their sizes online. Ron Bennett Big Mens offers free standard delivery on all Australian orders over $100, a free 30-day return policy and a very transparent exchange policy so shoppers can buy with confidence.

CLEAR50JM – Extra 30% off clearance items (clearance items are all 30% off)

PIlgrim womens fashion is bringing warmth into winter

Pilgrim is an established women fashion retailer with 16 stores throughout Australia. They have a nice, modern website with some great special offers.
Receive $20 off any full priced item when you subscribe and save $100 when you spend over $350 in a single transaction. Best of all free shipping with any purchase over $50.

Coupon ‘pilgrim20’ – entitles your users to 20% off full priced items on first purchase

Papinelle – feminine, fun and flirty sleepwear and intimates

Papinelle offers feminine, fun and flirty sleepwear and intimates. Launched in 2000, Papinelle currently has three stores located in NSW plus a bunch of Australian and international stockists. Papinelle offers free shipping for orders over $100 and a 30 day returns and exchanges policy. We have two coupons for you:
20SALE providing a further 20% off sale items
AM13FAN providing 10% off total orders

Leona Edmiston – We love their stores and now their online debut.

Leona Edmiston is one of Australia’s leading fashion designers. With 29 stores in Australia, the label celebrates the confident, urban woman and exudes classic femininity, effortless style and chic, sexy sophistication. We love this store for the ever-changing range and fashion forward sense. A “must check out” page for those used to shopping at their stores. The bargains here may not be available in-store.

Jasu – High Fashion and Unique Designs

JASU brings together Australia’s most innovative and influential fashion designers and brands into a single online community for lovers of fashion. JASU works with some of the most renowned designers in Australia who have a huge consumer following including Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Ellery, Michael Lo Sordo, Toni Maticevski, Ginger & Smart & Christopher Esber. As policy JASU has Free Express Shipping on all orders.

Cinori Shoes and Accessories – Free Returns and Shipping

Cinori is s super cool online site selling everything from beautiful and stylish shoes to unique and sexy accessories.  So if you are shoe girl this is “must check daily” site. Best of all the offer FREE returns and shipping so shop ’til you drop without the fear of ordering the wrong size or being unable to return your items. We love their style and returns policy. Be careful you may not be able to return some items after you fall in love with them.

Need any work done? Get a quote at

If you need a tradesperson for any sort of home or office improvements this is the one-stop-shop for you. Simply create a job and let the tradies battle it out with quotes and chose the one you find most suitable. From plumbing to bricklaying can help with it all.

BodyTrim Free Trial Offer

Bodytrim to your ideal weight and shape and lose 5kg in 7 days. We like this because we hate the taste of protein and think a real weight loss needs real action. We hate tricky terms so check out the fine print below.

PLUS weight loss phone coach and 24 hour online support! WORTH OVER $200!

*Register your details with us to try Bodytrim for 30 days for free – you’ll pay nothing except $14.95 AU for delivery. Our team will explain exactly how the trial works. If we don’t hear from you within the trial period, we’ll assume that you are happy and $199 will be charged to your nominated card. If you’re not happy please call us within your 30 day trial period to let us know, and organise to return your kit. The cookies, bars, DVDs and CDs are yours to keep no matter what.

DUGG is for Mens Underwear is finally a retailer only for men. Men our prayers have been answered. One less reason to go to the mall. Start shopping now. And no just because the whole is small in your current undies is not a good reason to keep them any longer.

Glassons offers FREE shipping now on


Glassons is an iconic womens fashion label with 29 stores across Australia. Glassons is iconic around Australia and has a reputation for great style and quality. Glassons caters to every women and is bound to make you look forward to the delivery after you place the order. As policy Glassons offers free standard delivery on all Australian orders, and can ship to Sydney within 3 hours for $4.95.

Keeping Australian Online Retailers honest. You complain – We escalate.